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§2Welcome to SurvivalEarth§r : §dEconomy-Survival-Semi_Vanilla §r §cCheat-SpawnKill-ChainKill-HardGrief is forbidden

Minecraft server






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Survival Earth is a new survival server from version 1.13.2 of minecraft
In this server, the player is a little free from what he wants to do, pvp / looting is allowed.
However, cheats / Chainkill / Spawnkill / Grief are prohibitedThe server has an economy that he earns money from the trade or by selling to the server shop or with other players.

The player can claim his base with the help of money.
The factions and TNT are allowed to attack the base of a player but be careful not to overdo it otherwise you will be punished.

The goal of this server is to have fun like in the good old days x).
The server is still under construction but the players already connected and had fun

A discord is available:
Other plugins will be added over time and how will the server evolve.

Good game everyone


Economy/ PvP / freebuild